1. Makeup and Beauty Tips from Makeup Show Live 2013

    Makeup Show Live is the only beauty expo in the world that offers makeup and beauty education to the everyday woman. The event, which was held on 6th October 2013 at Hilton Metropole Hotel, London featured exciting demonstrations and talks from leading experts in the field.

    We got together with some of these experts to get their top beauty tips as well as some a-m-a-z-i-n-g offers just for you. Have fun trying out these tips.

    1. Give yourself a diamond facial

    “Get a Diamond Mineral Face mask, apply product on cleansed skin to your face and eyes.  Focus on lines around the mouth and eyes, crow’s feet and thinning temples. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes and then remove. Do not wash face afterwards!  You can keep mask inside packaging in a fridge and reapply a few days later or you can put it in a bath where it will dissolve for a Diamond Bath!

    The amazing properties of Diamonds which exfoliate as well as stimulate blood circulation and Marine Phytoplankton which contains vitamins, minerals antioxidants, aminoacids and oxygen will almost instantly give you a super lift. Your skin will look brighter, younger and fresher with a Diamond Finish”

    Nidya Kyriacou
    Founder of Diamond Blend 

    2. Go Organic

    “For best results, where possible, always use certified organic products which are safer for your skin and contain no harmful chemicals or preservative.  For healthier skin use Eden Organic Certified Organic Rosehip Oil every night on your face to replace all other night-time products.  This oil will help reduce the appearance of sunspots, scars, acne and eczema and also leave you with smooth and fresh skin”.

    Tatiana Fiquitiva
    Eden Organic Skincare 

    3. Protect your skin against had winter weather with a good primer

    “This winter, Prep and Prime your skin with Premae Harmony Multi-Vit Serums. These have the added benefit of a BB cream when mixed with your liquid foundation”.

    Clare Eluka
    Founder of Premae Skincare

    4. Makeup looks better on hydrated skin

    “Keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful, drink plenty of water and use products with ingredients that focus on the health and nourishment of your skin”.

    Jackie Onay
    The Motives Experience

    5. Ensure your makeup base is a perfect match 

    “Invest in a good BB cream like AJ Crimson Cosmetic’s BB+D cream. Get the benefits of a great moisturiser and the coverage of a smooth medium coverage foundation.

    BB Creams also known as blemish balm or beauty balm, provide moisturisation, SPF protection and sheer coverage alongside soothing and healing properties - preventing the need for numerous separate products. It also has anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects”.

    Funmi Odegbami
    Managing Director MiNK London makeup school & agency

    " Experiment with Varama Drop-in pigments to add colour and depth to your foundations and blushers. Adjust your make up by adding a small amount of Black, Chestnut, Tan, Orange, Yellow or Rose to create a great look whatever the time of year."  

    Varama Camouflage Cosmetics 

    6. Get creative with your makeup 

    “Creative makeup should not be left on the catwalk. Adorn your face with

    mind-blowing make-up in just minutes courtesy of Face Lace’s non-fade, non-smudge range of ready-to-wear make up designs that will instantly turn you into an “It Girl”. Apply them in less than a minute but look like you had your own personal makeup artist working on you for hours!”

    Funmi Odegbami
    Managing Director MiNK London makeup school & agency 

    7. The skin on your body needs TLC too 

    “The skin is our body’s largest organ, being mostly external it also tells a lot about us and we are routinely judged by it. As the colder weather approaches, protect and repair drying skin with Cherry Coco Shea & Coconut Whip suitable for the whole family. 

    Additionally to revive dry feet or mend cracked heals; after washing, smother your clean dampened feet with one of our 100% Natural Handmade Butters then wrap with cling film and leave for 60 minutes. After which you will have smoother, softer, hydrated and healthy looking skin. Your feet will love you for it!”

    Cherry Jumbo
    Founder of Cherry Coco 

    8. Remove unwanted hair AND the ingrown hair

    “Ingrown hairs are frustrating, especially if you have coarse, dense hair!

    Fortunately, Laser Hair Removal offers a fantastic solution! The darker and more coarse the hair, the better the results if done in capable hands.

    Once the stubborn hair is removed through a comprehensive treatment course, the ingrown hair issue is greatly minimized if not resolved permanently…!”

    Nita Kara


  2. Nicki Minaj finds makeup artist on YouTube

    We all know that social media has changed the face of the game. It has increased opportunities for getting your work out there to the people that require your services.

    I watched an interview with Nicki Minaj recently where she states that she found her makeup artist, Be Face Honey via YouTube. Brandy Norwood also recruited the same makeup artist in the same way. Now through your social media channel anyone can see your work and potentially hire you. So it is more important than ever to invest in good content.  


    MiNK London has teamed up with a media firm to produce makeup tutorial videos at our St. John’s Wood studio and wanted to extent this opportunity to you and have arranged a group discount of almost 90% for our students and associate makeup artists.

    You can now shoot 4 video tutorials for £300.

    A day’s shoot at a professional studio including editing would normally set you back a couple of thousand pounds.


    Book Now:




    There is nothing more rewarding that putting a capable and hungry candidate up for the job of their dreams. At MiNK London I get to do this everyday. I see many of the candidates week-in-week-out applying for job postings, and I can tell that they are hungry for the opportunity however their applications often fail to hit the mark. I therefore cannot put them forward for roles that they would otherwise be suitable for.


    A lot of very capable candidates are going unnoticed because of the poor quality of their applications. So I decided to write this feature once and for all to hopefully help those that really want the help to secure their next creative assignment.


    These are just a few things that I have picked up on the way and it is in no way an exhaustive or scientific list. I have focused on creative jobs but I feel that these tips can also be applied to all jobs. 


    Tip 1: A creative job is still a job and you need to treat your application accordingly!


    I have had people respond to a job posting with one-liners like “I am interested in this role.”


    My response to this is “great, then apply”.

    Stating that you are interested in a role is not an application. Which brings be to the next tip.


    Tip 2: ALWAYS include a cover letter


    This is your opportunity to tell us why you are suitable for the advertised position and how your skills match those required of the eventual jobholder. Even if you have worked with the organisation before, as is often the case with MiNK London, each role should still be treated with the same consideration.


    Tip 3. Include a CV or Biography


    Creative CVs don’t tend to fit into the traditional CV format so get creative. All we need to know is what have you done before, what are your achievements, what qualifications you have etc. 

    Your CV should be no more than two pages, try to tailor it for each opportunity, don’t leave gaps, keep it current, error free, make it look good and TELL THE TRUTH.


    Tip 4. If you have qualifications please tell us


    Sometimes competition for a role is so close and it might be the makeup certificate that you obtained from MiNK London that sets you apart from the competition. So if you have any relevant qualifications please mention them in your application.


    Tip 5: Include examples of your work


    When applying for a creative job, this is not an option but a compulsory element of the application process. Certificates and CVs are great but nothing shows off your potential more than actual examples of your work.


    Consider having your own website to showcase your talents. If you apply for a job, you can include your web address in your CV. At the click of a button you’ll provide access to your work, and could receive a quicker response.


    However you may also want to have a composite card or a PDF of your work, particularly when applying for work advertised by agencies. No agency will want to direct the employer to your site because the employer can then hire you directly, without the need for an agent at all.


    Tip 6: Avoid sending large files that may be too large for the receiver’s server.


    Use online file compression software before sending off any documents electronically. This will ensure that the documents are received and received promptly; and that your files are not clogging up valuable server space. 


    Tip 7. Get Creative!


    There is nothing more exciting to a recruiter than seeing something different. We receive thousands of job applications so anything that will make you stand out from the crowd is beneficial.

    Check out some wickedly creative job applications by clicking the following links:








  4. Get the best out of your makeup

    Funmi Odegbami, Director of MiNK London makeup school gives her expert advice on the best way to use your makeup effectively.

  5. Check latest beauty watch article featuring makeup by MiNK London student Anastazia Pitta.

    Check latest beauty watch article featuring makeup by MiNK London student Anastazia Pitta.

  6. Whats new at MiNK London!

    MiNK London

    In this Edition

    Launch Party- we’re throwing a party and you are all invited!

    Funmi wins Makeup Artist of the Year at Women4Africa

    ASOS is looking for new makeup artists

    New internship opportunity

    Advanced Makeup Certificate now includes a makeup kit worth £500

    Calling all beauty bloggers/writers!

    We are looking for hair and makeup bloggers to review some of our professional makeup courses. If you have a love for hair and makeup and you have a popular blog then we would love to hear from you.

    Simply email admissions@thisismink.com with information about your blog and the course that you would like to take; then get your followers to like our facebook page and leave a comment under the “Calling all beauty bloggers/writers” post. The 2 bloggers with the most comments/votes will get a free space on a professional course of their choice. Remember that our professional courses are fully accredited by BABTAC so you can be confident that you will receive the highest standards of training.

    Please see full terms and conditions before applying. 

    Student life

    Students work featured in national publication. Featured work by Fisayo Otudeko, Remilekun Oyenekan, Rukayat Titilola Salaam, Etiko Qudus Ayoola.
    Photographer: Chuck Noble, Hair: Angela Plummer (images from Tribes of Africa 2012).

    For a PDF of the publication please email press@thisismink.com 

    Beauty Watch 

    If you have done any work that you would like to rave about or work that you would like us to consider for publications please send your work to press@thisismink.com. Please note that priority will be given to MiNK makeup school graduates.

    Vote for your favourite tutor

    Vote for your favourite tutor and be in with a chance of winning 1 of 2 inglot makeup cases. All you have to do to enter the competition is to like our facebook page and leave a comment under the “Vote for your favourite tutor” post. The 2 winners will be chosen at random and will be notified on 2nd September 2013.  

  7. Funmi Odegbami Wins Women4Africa Award!

    PRESS RELEASE DATE: 20th May 2013

    Funmi Odegbami Wins Women4Africa Award As Makeup Artist of the Year 2013!


    Segun Odegbami’s daughter, Funmi Odegbami - the award-winning CEO of MiNK London; founder of Makeup Show Live; member of the Black Women in Europe Power list, and an internationally renowned makeup artist - has been awarded as the Makeup Artist of the Year 2013 at the just concluded prestigious Women4africa Awards, beating renowned names such as Kemi Uwaga and Mary Osho to the honour.


    The awards ceremony, which was held on Saturday, May 18 at the legendary Kensington Town Hall in the heart of Chelsea in London, also saw the Honorable Abike Dabiri crowned as the International African Woman of the Year, and Justina Mutale winning the Role Model of the Year award.


    When asked about her award as the Makeup Artist of the Year 2013, the humbled Funmi Odegbami said:


    “I am still really shocked about winning the Makeup Artist of the Year award ahead of Kemi “Kings” Uwaga and Mary Osho. In my humble opinion we are all winners. I’d like to thank the organisers of Women4Africa who did an amazing job on Saturday, my friends and family for their continued support, the makeup team at MiNK London for all their hard work and of course my heavenly father who has made all this possible.”


    For more information about Funmi Odegbami and MiNK London, please contact:


    Annabelle Brown

    DLA | Booking Agents |Press Relations | Talent Management

    Montgomery House, Montgomery Road HA8 6NS 

    Tel: +44 (0) 203 669 6143 

    Cell: + 44 (0) 7553 088 222  


    Epress@dlauk.com W: www.dlauk.com


  8. It’s in the Eyes!

    We were all glued to the screen when Sarah Jessica Parker adorned her eyes in Sex and the City 2 with natural kajal eyeliner. The look was pure genius from a makeup perspective and had “Carrie” the character played by SJP looking her sexiest best. The look that had everyone oohing and ahhing back in 2010 is even more popular today with makeup brands the world over developing their own versions.

    Clip from the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGS-NXtyy9s  

    The Kajal has been around for centuries and although it’s not an innovative product it is one that can enhance a woman’s eyes like no other. It enhances the eyes, making them look bigger and lends a much defined look to the face. Even if you are wearing no makeup but just line your eyes with some kajal, your eyes will certainly brighten up and make a huge difference in your appearance.

    With summer looming it is only practical to wear a little less makeup in the sunshine, so what better way to enhance your face without adding more product than to invest in a kajal. Here are a collection of our favourite kajal eyeliners.  

    Blue Heaven Classic Kajal (Amazon £1.49)

    Sleek Kajal Eye Liner (sleekmakeup.com £4.49)

    Lord & Remy Kajal Eyeliner (ASOS £12.00)

    Kajal Precision (Seventaimage.com £15)


  9. Worst Celebrity Makeup Looks

    We all get it wrong from time to time, too much product, poorly applied lashes, wrong choice lip stick. 

    Improve your odds by learning how to applied makeup like a pro a la Kate Middleton. That’s why she always looks so flawless. 

    All our professional makeup courses half-price TODAY including our most sought after Complete Freelance Makeup Certificate course (only 4 spaces remaining).

    Discounts also available on our:

    Maybe you are just interested in learning how to apply makeup on yourself or a Fun Makeup Class that you can attend with your friends. For one day only if you book a place on a fun makeup class we will also throw in a professional makeup brush set worth £40 that you can take home with you. Click here for a list of our fun makeup courses. 

    If you have any questions about any of the offers or about MiNK London please contact us.

    MAY DAY Offers will end at midnight!

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